有關「港摔」 About HKWF

HKWF is the only professional wrestling organization in Hong Kong. Our aim is to promote live wrestling event in Great China Area. In order to bring world class talents to perform for wrestling fans, we have close relationship with top wrestling promotions internationally such as Japan, England and Taiwan. In the mean time, we also provide opportunities for outstanding Hong Kong wrestlers to wrestle overseas.

On the other hand, by organizing wrestling live event in Hong Kong, we also aim to encourage people to an energetic and healthy lifestyle.
AWGC輕量級王座 AWGC Jr. Heavyweight Chmapion
AWGC輕量級王座由2011年創立,是代表香港摔角界的最高榮譽!AWGC全名為ASIA  WRESTLING GRAND  CROWN,之所以以亞洲命名,都原自港摔的經典理念,就是讓香港成為亞洲摔角業界的中心點!

AWGC Junior Heavyweight Championship is brought in to Hong Kong in 2011. It is the highest honor representing the wrestling industry in Hong Kong. AWGC stands for Asia Wrestling Grand Crow. It is named Asia all because of the classic HKWF vision -- to create a centre for Asian wrestling business in Hong Kong!

Championship holder history
「港摔」的歷史 History of HKWF



但在2011年,港摔在位於西灣河的會場「浦吧」復活,首次大會便錄得約二百人的入場人數。在11年我們在浦吧亦辦了四場活動,也邀得台灣、日本、英國的知名選手到港參戰。另一方面,港摔選手也陸續受國外摔角組織認受,兩位選手何顥麟及必文分別到了英國五個不同的團體參戰。同時,初代AWGC冠軍JASON NEW也被由傳奇選手橋本真也創立的ZERO1取錄,於該聯盟實習。

2012年3月,JASON NEW完成了三個月的ZERO1深造回國,打敗師匠何顥麟,成功第2度防衛他的冠軍腰帶。5月份,「港摔」與ZERO1達成合作協議,「港摔」成為ZERO1的香港分部,亦會以「ZERO1香港」的品牌在未來在港舉辦摔角比賽。6月份,繼2009年後,再次舉辦【摔角之王2012】大賽,除香港選手外,更邀得中國的THE SLAM、台灣的IWL的火野龍馬與NTW的SKY參賽,這個八人淘汰賽中最後由CHRIS FORGUETE獲勝,勝後他宣佈因個人事業的規劃,而長期休戰。同日,JASON NEW也打敗CZW美國選手JONATHAN GRESHAM成功第4度防衛腰帶。九月,JASON NEW與何顥麟受邀參加日本【天下一JR公開賽】,與18位來自世界各地的摔角手同場較量。同年12月,ZERO1主將橋本大地與橫山佳和首度於香港登場,大地更在香港使出經典的【毒霧攻擊】。JASON NEW在同場作第6度防衛失敗,KENNY BOY成為第2代AWGC輕量級王座。

到了2013年,KENNY  BOY在2月份再次擊敗JASON  NEW初防衛成功。6月份遠赴台灣與NTW冠軍「惡王」神崎和也進行港台雙冠決戰,最後敗北,AWGC香港腰帶初次落在外國人手中。

HKWF was founded in 2004 with just a few wrestling fans. We started as a fans club and we met once a week to review wrestling matches. At that time, there are not any wrestling instructor or organization existed in Hong Kong. We could only order books and DVDs over the internet to self-learn. In 2005, we met The Slam, who was heading back to settle down China from Korean promotion WWA. We then went back and forth to Guangzhou to learn wrestling from him. In 2006, we noticed that the development of Taiwan wrestling was good. They also invited Japanese professional wrestler to train them. Therefore, we went to Taiwan to learn what professional wrestling really means.

To create bigger noise for wrestling, in 2008, we established "HKWF Training Centre" in Fotan, Hong Kong. Although it was funded by our wrestlers, it was the first ever wrestling dojo in Hong Kong. In 2009, we ran the first wrestling live event in the training centre. Only 80 fans had attended the show, but this was a big step up for the history of Hong Kong wrestling.

Between 2009 and 2010, we held at least 10 live events in our dojo. Audience size was growing well. However, the operating cost raised quickly, we had no choice to close the dojo.

In mid-2010, we had been invited by a Taiwanese wrestling promotion to wrestle for their show. Meanwhile, 2 HKWF wrestlers had gone to England to train.

2011, HKWF returned in Sai Wan Ho's "Hangout Arena". In our first event in January 2011, over 200 spectators attended the show. Four events was held in "Hangout Arena" during 2011. On the other hand, Hong Kong wrestlers had been recognized better by worldwide wrestling companies. Bitman and Ho Ho Lun had wrestled for 5 different wrestling organizations in England during July to December. At the same time, AWGC Champion Jason New had been accepted by Zero-1, one of the top Japanese wrestling organizations founded by legendary wrestler Shinya Hashimoto, as their trainee.

March 2012, Jason New finished his 3-month excursion in ZERO1 Japan and returned to Hong Kong. He beat his teacher Ho Ho Lun to defend his title. In May, HKWF became a working partner of Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Japan, and we will promote wrestling event in Hong Kong under "ZERO1 Hong Kong" co-brand. In June 2012, we brought back "King Of Wrestling 2012". Five wrestlers from Hong Kong and 3 outsiders included The Slam from China, Ryoma Heno from IWL Taiwan and Sky from NTW Taiwan had participated. The winner of the tournament was Chris Forguete, who announced that he would be out of action for a long period because of his new career plan. At the same day, Jason New defended his AWGC championship against CZW's Jonathan Gresham. In September, Jason New and Ho Ho Lun were invited to take part in Japan's Tenkaichi Jr. Tournament, where 18 world class light-heavyweight wrestlers chased for the gold. December, ZERO1's Daichi Hashimoto and Yoshikazu Yokoyama debuted in Hong Kong. Hashimoto debuted his heelish mist attack in ZERO1 Hong Kong's ring. Jason New failed his V6 title defense. Kenny Boy became the 2nd generation AWGC Jr. Heavyweight Champion.

In February 2013, Kenny Boy first defense success when he pinned Jason New again. In June, he flew over to Taiwan to fight NTW Champion Kazuya in a double championship match. But he failed to win again and the Hong Kong's AWGC Championship belt is now owned by foreign wrestler for the first time.
與「港摔」合作 Working with HKWF


The operating cost of HKWF are mainly supported by our wrestlers, who all have full-time jobs. Therefore, the actual resources to promote this sport are very limited. Because of the unique positioning of wrestling (it is sport but also an entertainment), it is hard for us to apply for government or social enterprise's funding - as most funding are defined by the nature of the business, either sport or entertainment. Therefore, we really hope that if you are interested in being involved in the development of Hong Kong wrestling, do support us!

We have a detailed sponsorship proposal that can be shared with you, which included:
*Sponsoring a wrestling live event
*Bringing your products to our event
*Inviting wrestlers to perform in your parties
*Or any other means of partnership

If you, or some companies that you are familiar with, are interested in getting into the wrestling circle, do contact us!